Our Trademark services


Your brand is your product and service name. We will fight to protect your point of difference. A trademark is an affordable way to get federal protection for the name of your product or service, and our trademark services help to make that an easier process. Once you have a registered federal trademark you can use the symbol ® in connection with your mark. Having a trademark helps your customers to recognize your product or service over your competitors’.

To get started you don’t need to have the name in use yet—according to trademark law, a trademark can be filed as an intent-to-use mark. You merely need to have good faith intent to begin using the mark. Once you are ready to use the name in commerce, we can help you secure the federal registration you need. We can assist you from the first step of choosing your brand, searching the registered trademark database to make sure your desired trademark is available, through the category research and registration procedure. We can continue to provide assistance in maintaining the mark and monitor possible infringements and advise you if any actions are needed.

Whether you’re operating in New Jersey, New York, or Philadelphia, a trademark is a great way to add value to your business. Let Gearhart Law provide you with the comprehensive service you deserve.

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