November 25th, 2018The November 25th, 2018 Poll Winner for the Passage to Profit Show is: Gotta Get A Goody!

We’re excited to present the November 25th, 2018 winner: Steve Torrioni with Gotta Get A Goody, who won with 692 points!

From Gotta Get A Goody

“Greetings Parents Of Earth! My Name Is King Goody. After Receiving An Urgent Call From Your Planet, I Called An Emergency Meeting! I Told All My Goodys That Earth Needed Us And To Immediately Fly Down At Warp Speed To Share The Power Of Goody.  When A Goody Lands In Your Home He Will Be Your Child’s Buddy Who Delivers A Fun,  Confidence Building Note Once A Week For You And Your Child To Read And They Will Be Hidden In Goody’s Secret Magic Pouch.  Sometimes …On A Very Special Occasion, A Tiny Gift May Be Found In The Secret Magic Pouch. 

Having A Goody Will Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem And Confidence Along With Strengthening Family Bonds And Communication.”

Please visit their website at

Listen here for the full episode, or visit the Passage to Profit Show page for updates and the current poll. If you are interested in presenting on our show, you can also apply through our form below.

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