April 15th, 2019Sony Patents Prescription VR Glasses for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Remember just being happy with getting a new PlayStation controller for your birthday or the holidays? Yeah. That is sooo last decade. Gaming has not only upped it’s technology and gamer experience, but it has now become a billion dollar industry in 2019.

Yes, that’s billion, with a “b.”

In world of gaming, VR (virtual reality) has become super popular, but the tech has had trouble breaking into the mainstream. This is due to do complications with individuals that wear glasses and giving every gamer the best gaming experience. The VR world can be so beautifully immersive to the user and the controls can be topnotch, but if they are not enjoying the experience because they are legit sick, what’s the point? That is what Sony is trying to do with the new patents that they filed for their new prescription VR glasses. Sony is just one of the gaming giants that is following the business model of investing more money in VR tech, but also accessibility.

Like I stated before, VR glasses can be especially annoying and complicated for people wearing prescription glasses. Just imagine, two different sets of lenses stacked on top of each other, not to mention you have a piece of hardware on your head. The patent describes a system where the VR headset would track a user’s glasses rather than their eyes. The eye-tracking in the system would make for smoother eye-tracking, help with the confusion while people are wearing the VR glasses, and motion sickness.  

Prescription VR patented glasses would mean VR for more people, which not only is a great thing for the users but for the companies too. More people playing, more people paying.

Gearhart Law has already worked on several projects for VR glasses – it is a hot area for technology. If you are an inventor in this area it is especially important to file any patent applications as soon as possible. Priority of the patent application is given to the inventor who files their application first, and when a technology area is hot it is especially important to file your applications as soon as possible, so another inventor doesn’t beat you to the patent office and scoop your invention! Learn how to file your patent application and schedule your free consultation by calling our law firm at 908-273-0700 or fill out our consultation form on our website.

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