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Invention and ingenuity is what drives progress in our great nation. It creates technological advancements and provides economic growth. Whether you’ve come up with a new idea or product, it’s important to hire a patent attorney to help you with the application process. After all, you’ve spent days and weeks developing, testing, and creating your idea. Without the proper patents, all of your hard work is at risk. The proper protection prevents individuals and companies from copying and marketing your ideas without your permission and a license from you. They could even go so far as to pass the idea off as their own and turn a profit. To prevent others from making money from your inventions, it’s best to hire an attorney. An Intellectual Property lawyer in Philadelphia has experience in obtaining patents, trademarks, and copyrights for their clients. Patenting and trademarking products and ideas is an important way to protect yourself and your work. Whether you are in need of a pharmaceutical, software, consumer product, or plant patent or a trademark, Gearhart Law is the Philadelphia patent firm ready to help.
Each of our licensed and experienced attorneys has the knowledge to help you through the process of obtaining patents and trademarking and copyrighting your goods and ideas. From filling out the proper paperwork to filing it with the correct offices, you’ll find their help and assistance invaluable.

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