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A pharmaceutical patent portfolio is essential to a biotech or pharma company. The intricacies of a patent are often best handled by a patent attorney. To those without the proper background, research, patent drafting, and filing can be tricky to navigate. Hiring a patent firm can save you time, effort, and can ensure that everything is handled correctly from the very beginning, from drafting the patent application to prosecuting it with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It’s not worth taking the risk of not having legal assistance, since a simple mistake can cost you time, money, and opportunity.

Your hard work should remain yours and yours alone. If you’ve come up with an idea, it’s time to protect it. A patent, trademark, or copyright is the best way to ensure that your intellectual property, product, or idea won’t be copied and used to profit someone else. This sort of license gives you the rights to produce or limit the production of your specific good or idea. Without a patent or trademark, it’s possible for other individuals or companies to plagiarize your work and profit off your idea. Whether you are in need of a pharmaceutical, consumer product, software, or plant patent or a trademark for your company’s slogan, a patent lawyer in New York can help. Your patent attorney in NYC is vital in the patent process. With them, it’s easier to file the necessary paperwork with the correct offices and guarantee that your license is in process. A patent attorney not only protects your ideas but also protects your company and livelihood.

If you’ve been wondering how to get a patent in NYC, it’s time to allow the professionals to take over. Gearhart Law provides premium legal help for those in need of an Intellectual Property strategy. Each of our licensed and experienced associates are ready and willing to help you obtain the security you need for your goods and ideas, whether you need a trademark attorney, a patent attorney, or a copyright attorney.


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