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Entrepreneurs & Startups

Proper patent protection is a new venture’s most important asset.

Most startups or entrepreneurs work fast and lean so they need expertise without the ego. Our process is transparent, and our attorneys are knowledgeable but approachable. We understand the importance of strategic intellectual property protection, especially for entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking investors. Having represented both entrepreneurs and investors, we are well-versed in both points of view. As an entrepreneur, you want to maximize IP protection at minimum cost and create an attractive, scalable IP portfolio. As an investor, you want to ensure that all IP bases are covered to sustain a viable business long-term and that your investment will not only be free from third-party patent infringement, but also stand up to scrutiny on the market or during an exit review.

At Gearhart Law, we place an emphasis on creative legal solutions and custom-crafted patent strategies. We have extensive experience in your specific technologies and industries and will keep you updated on any issues that may affect your business. It’s not just about securing a patent; it’s about owning the right patent, a submission that demonstrates a deep understanding of your invention, your business and your goals. 

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