September 24th, 20196 questions to ask before you hire a patent attorney

  1. Can you describe the entire process to me, what the steps are, about how long it should take, and the approximate cost for each step? 
  2. Can you explain the difference between a provisional and a non-provisional patent and the advantages of choosing one over the other?
  3. Can you explain what a design patent is and why I might need one?
  4. Can you explain how to file international patents and what the considerations are?
  5. Can you give me alternatives for protection of my product if I can’t get a patent for some reason?
  6. What’s your success rate of patent applications resulting in issued patents?

No matter what the answers are, the professional should be able to answer all six of these questions.  

At Gearhart Law we answer all of the questions above in our initial consultation, which is free of charge. In addition, many of our firm fees are ‘flat fees’, meaning you pay a set amount which is communicated to you before the process starts.  You receive an engagement letter that clearly states the process and associated costs.

If you choose to work with an attorney who charges by the hour, make sure they give you a cost estimate, and if they need to exceed that estimate that they get your permission first. 

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