July 5th, 201810,000,000th Patent Ever Just Issued by the United States

The patent process has a long history in the United States of helping inventors and idea people reap the full reward of their creations. In a digital age where ideas seem to be free in every way, it’s more important than ever to protect the intellectual property rights of the owners of these creations and ideas. New York patent attorneys have played an important role in this venture.

The Big News

On June 19, 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the 10 millionth US patent, signifying a milestone in a long history of innovation and creative rights in America. The first patent in the United States was signed on July 31, 1790, by George Washington. 228 years later, and the US patent office has upheld a proud and strong history of protecting the intellectual rights of its citizens and paving the way for one of the most innovative countries in the world throughout its history.

The Big News

A patent is the public record of the intellectual ownership of a design, an idea, or a process. When an inventor or a developer creates a product or a system—whether entirely from scratch or a specialized modification that was of their own making—they want to ensure that they retain ownership of that idea: of its creation or implementation, sales, and profit. Otherwise, without patents, one person might develop an innovative design, while someone with more immediate money and leverage might attempt to use that same design to make a profit without the original inventor getting the credit or financial returns for their efforts. Patents are important in protecting the rights of creative people, developers, and inventors, ensuring they retain the rights to their ideas.

The Big News

Getting a patent for an invention or creation takes more than just filling out a form and signing your name in ink at the bottom. It’s a legal process, and it can take years to get approved. A patent attorney is needed through those years of processing to help support your legal motion to the rights of your intellectual property. Once you’ve filed a claim, an extensive review of records for ideas related to your claim must be conducted, a search for similarities or preexisting patents for the same idea. The idea itself must first be verified as original through these extensive record checks. From there, the patent can be signed into existence, and intellectual property rights given to the creator.

This legal partnership is paramount in filing for a patent and keeping your ideas your own. New York patent attorneys worth their salt will have a proven history of successful, long-term partnerships in helping their clients through an often lengthy process of applying for and receiving a patent.

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