July 1st, 2019#043 Passage to Profit Show: 06-30-2019

Our featured guest for Sunday, June 30th, is Jordan Goldmeier!

Jordan teaches the average person to use Excel in a new teaching format; he makes the old new again! 
Jordan Goldmeier is the COO of Excel TV Media Group and is an internationally recognized Excel and data expert, consultant, author of Dashboards for Excel and Advanced Excel Essentials, Microsoft MVP, and a subject matter expert in data visualization. His company, Excel TV offers Excel training courses, the Excel Power User’s Starter Kit e-book, blogs and hundreds of hours of free content, including interviews with experts and exclusive tips. Excel TV covers everything from pivot tables to excel dashboards, from basic analytics to data science, from landing a job as an analyst to how to run an Excel project. Jordan has years of experience in business development, creating strategic partnerships, encouraging buy-in on projects. He is also a keynote speaker and trainer in dashboards, introductory data science and analytics, applied management science, and data philosophy. 
You can visit Jordan at his website at https:https://excel.tv

Visit the pitch presenters for June 30th at their websites:

Dr. Christine Thorpe, author of the forthcoming book Living Beyond the Facade, is a health educator, wellness coach, co-founder of Stronger Tomorrow and a university administrator. Her book, Living Beyond the Facade, is a study of health practices and retirement planning decisions of Americans of African descent, with the purpose of developing models to help disenfranchised communities improve their status of health and finances, at https://www.instagram.com/livingbeyondthefacade/

Elena Zelenina, author of the book Art Completes You, is an international coach, a teacher for more than 30 years and a workshop presenter in the US, Russia, and India. Art Completes You is both a program and a book about removing unwanted thought patterns and rewriting your brain/rewiring it to its original blissful state, to realize your fullest potential. The techniques come from the ancient Vedic tradition of India, which can be utilized by both art teachers and by individuals at, https://artcompletesyou.com/.

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