April 29th, 2019#035 Passage to Profit Show: 04-28-2019

Gene Gross and Ken Valenzano are founders of Altru, a patent-pending antioxidant and electrolyte blend drink – the first of its kind containing Glutathione, the “Mother of All Antioxidants”.

Altru offers unique and exotic fruit flavors from across the globe such as Mango Cherimoya, Peach Mangosteen and Coconut Jackfruit. Altru drinks contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives and are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.

Gene is not only a creator of healthy drinks, but is a renaissance man – musically inclined, collector of all things vintage, a retro movie lover and former scientist. He has earned degrees in both chemistry and biology, and dedicated his career to working in pharmaceutical drug discovery. He specializes in medicinal and analytical chemistry – synthesizing new pharmaceuticals, isolating medical compounds from plants and other natural products, obtaining structural composition, and identifying unknown substances. Ken comes from an entrepreneurial background; his family owns vineyards and have been running businesses for decades. His business skills are essential to the Altru brand. 

You can visit their website at www.https://www.drinkaltru.com/ 

Visit the pitch presenters for April 28th at their websites:

Tom Sherman with 5 Season Calendar, a revolutionary timekeeping calendar system, calling for 5 seasons per year, 9 days a week and 36 days per month – correctly dividing the year into precise, accurate, standard, consistent, and compounding units – a first in human history at https://www.capegazette.com/article/calendar-dated-thomas-sherman-thinks-so/176217

Tiffany Viruet & Shawn Martinez with Mates on Mats, a children’s enrichment company for children ages 5-10 that integrates the profound developmental tools of Yoga and Chess to “teach children how to move together with intention and intuition, strengthen from within and stretch far beyond the boundaries of their mats.” at https://www.linkedin.com/company/mates-on-mats/.

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