October 11th, 2018#008: Passage to Profit Show: 10-07-2018

Featured Guest:

Dr. Dan Schaefer – Sunday October 7th at 8pm – WOR 710AM
Dan Schaefer and Peak Performance Strategies are simply about identifying–early–anything that may get in between you and top performance. Dr. Dan works with people in business, sports & entertainment. Dan is a confidential sounding board for CEOs, entrepreneurs and groups throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, advising them on people, culture and the psychology of the workplace.
He has developed breakthrough strategies in sports performance for professionals: NFL, NHL Goaltenders, Major League Soccer, boxing, ultra & extreme runners, golf, tennis, skiing and amateur athletes. Consultants, sports agents, GM’s and coaches also rely on Dr. Dan to get their teams performing at their best.
Listen to Dr. Dan and entrepreneurs pitching their businesses on Sunday Oct. 7th at 8pm on WOR 710 AM.
Contact Peak Performance Strategies: http://www.danschaeferphd.com/contact_dan.shtml and get the competitive edge now. Articles and Press About Peak Performance Strategies and Dan Schaefer, PhD: http://www.danschaeferphd.com/articles.shtml.


Featured Products: 


Lorri Ann Clavin, La Clavin Inspire at www.laclavininspire.com/



Max Gallo, Pool Lane Gate at www.poollanegate.com/



Snap Me Swimwear at www.snapmeswimwear.com/

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